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Music-inspired bag holder / charm

Hitting the Right Note

Deeply inspired. Carefully crafted.

A meticulously crafted and functional accessory, it’s the ideal gift for music lovers, fans, enthusiasts, and makers alike. The perfect finishing note to complement their ensemble.


Surprisingly Tough

No moving parts. Melody is CNC-machined from a solid block of Aluminium, ensuring exceptional durability. Despite its compact size, Melody can support up to 25 kg of load.


Subtle Elegance

The lightweight design offers a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic. The matte sandblasted finish adds a subtle texture and a solid tactile experience.

The Inspiration


The universal language that speaks to our souls, ignites our emotions and sets our feet tapping. Being a huge fan of music ourselves, it is this enduring connection that has sparked our inspiration for this project from its very inception. Dedicated to music lovers unafraid to showcase their passion, this one’s for you.

Design & Build


Width (w): 82.5 mm
Height (h): 65 mm
Depth (d): 6.5 mm

Material: T6 Aluminium
Weight: 25 grams
Est. Load Bear: 25 kg

Package Includes

High-quality silicone strip for a firmer grip.

A snazzy loop strap to keep Melody within reach.


A holding note, literately.

Discover the possibilities of this versatile companion.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Small steps, big impact.

Our packaging is put together using recycled corrugated boxes sourced locally, cleaned, laser-cut, and hand-assembled like Lego pieces. We strive to minimise the use of plastic, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging solution.

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Be Inspired

MidJourney Art

Embrace the joy of music with our collection of music-themed wallpapers, uniquely generated by “Midjourney AI”.

Available for free download and personal use. Let the rhythm of art and music adorn your screens.

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